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Sunday, September 19, 2010



Two bodies, one head, fields divided into two,
And then answer to four unheard ones,
Small for great ones, Open evil for them,
The tower of Aigues struck by lightning, worse for Euffovis.


I-1: Two buildings of one face (twin or alike) separated from one another in field,
And those two buildings became one of the answers for four unheard terrorists,
Those terrorists of small country opened evil for the great America when,
They hit the WTC twin towers using planes of lightning speed which was worse for Afghanistan.

I-2: Two nations (Afghanistan & Pakistan) of one mind or motives separated divided into two,
They ordered the four chosen terrorists, who were still unknown or unheard of their mission,
They said that your small sacrifice is for the greater result so open evil for those Americans,
The chosen four chose four planes to attack the Americans, and hit the tower by the planes.


The year seven of the great number being past,
There shall be seen the sports of ghostly sacrifice,
Not far from the great age of the millennium,
that the buried shall come out of their graves.


I-1: The seventh year after the 9-11 being passed,
There will be seen series of suicide bombings,
Not far from the age of new millennium at present,
The declared dead Osama can be seen on the terror videos.

I-2: This is seventh year of the great mysterious number had passed,
Then there will be seen the sports of ghostly sacrifices, exorcism
Not very far from the age of this millennium that we will see,
buried bodies coming out of their graves by force or by their own.


Religion of the name of the seas shall come,
Against the sect of Caitiffs of the moon,
The deplorably obstinate sect, shall be afraid,
Of the two wounded by A. and A.


I-1: Only one religion bears the name of seas.
It is Indian Ocean which is called ‘Hind Mahasagar’, and the religion of this,
Region is Hinduism. It will come against the Muslims.
The badly stubborn sect shall be afraid of the two A’s –Advani & Atal.

I-2: Rest the same. Just A can be a future leader.


Triremes full of captives of all ages,
Times good for evil, the sweet for bitter,
Prey to Barbarians, they shall be too hasty,
Desirous to see the feather complains in the wind.


I-1: The Hindus with their trishuls will captive the people of all ages, the Muslims
Some will see that good and sweet, but for evil and bitterness, which followed,
The poor people will quickly become the prey for fundamentalist barbarians,
Those who wanted to see the feather, or Hindutva flag flying high on the region.


Of battle there shall be no sign given,
Out of the park they shall be compelled to come,
Round about Gand, shall be known to ensign,
That shall cause all his own to be put to death.


I-1: This is referred to the present day terrorism, now there will be no sign for battle will be given,
They will reach for the people out of the battle; innocents will be targeted, out of the battle park
After the bloody incidents, the culprits themselves will took the responsibility of the attacks,
Then He will be recognized who had put all his followers to death, like Osama, to sacrifice for Allah.


The great mountain encompasses seven stadia(1.4km),
After peace, war, famine, and inundation,
Shall tumble a great way, sinking great countries,
Even ancient houses and their great foundations.


Alas, what a great loss shall learning suffer?
Before the cycle of the moon is accomplished,
By fire, great flood, and ignorant scepters,
More than can be made good again in a long age.


The great famine do I see drawing near,
Turning from one way to another and then becoming universal,
So great and long, that they shall come to pluck,
The root from the wood and the child from the breast.

Hidden meaning:

This quatrain is indicating a world-wide destruction, or maybe a great disease or flu which will spread universally. Maybe a Third World War Quartrain.


From the aquatic triplicity shall be born,
One who shall make Thursday his holiday,
His fame, praise, rule, and power shall grow,
By Land and Sea to become a tempest to the east.

Hidden meaning:

This quatrain describes a great leader from the East, maybe India with the three water signs (Aries, Cancer and Aquarius) in his birth chart. His power will become so great that he will trouble the east, surely China.


On 11 January, 2010, Aadhaar Club, the corporate social responsibility club of Indian Business Academy had taken initiative. To celebrate its 3rd Anniversary in Anand Niketan- (an old age home) run by Jan Kalyan Trust.

Anand Niketan, as the name signifies got filled with happiness and joy. All the volunteers went from the cab to C-5 block of Sector-55 where it was situated. All elderly people were already expecting them when they arrived there. They greeted them cheerfully.

It was 11.00 when it started and fortunately after few minutes sun showed some mercy on everyone and slight sunshine covered the beautiful lawn of Anand Niketan. The ceremony started from introduction between the volunteers and all the elder members of Anand Niketan. Previously, due to severe cold very less elders came outside their rooms. But when they started hearing the volunteers singing and dancing they came out in huge numbers. The volunteers asked the authority to get some warmth of grate to them.

Then one of the volunteer Nrusimha Das sang two beautiful bhajans in quick succession to start the proceedings. One was Sukh ke Sab Saathi and other one Badi Der Hui Nand Lala. After that volunteers started giving the elderly ones a chance of singing their personal favorites. And they were shock to notice that most of them were extremely good in poetry and ghazals. Some of them really had a very good voice at such an age as most of them have already crossed 90s. But by watching their enthusiasm volunteers converted the game into Antakshri which came out to be superb especially the witty chitchat between them. And it was so amazing to see the creativity level there that old notion about age proves to be wrong. One of the most elderly of the old age home people was the ones who were more participating. In the meantime Nrusimha keep presenting beautiful old songs one by one.

Till 12.30 the program kept running then the lunch time came. Then all the volunteers along with every senior elder enjoyed the cake-cutting ceremony of AADHAAR CLUB 3rd Anniversary, and the cake was actually cut by the senior most member of Anand Niketan. And after that all the elders and young volunteers eaten the lunch financed by IBA together. It was really tasty. The volunteers provided the cake to all those members of old age home who due to health problem couldn’t be able to attend the programme. Though the prior talks was to carry on the program till lunch only but the bonding between the elders and youngsters gelled so good that the time was extended and program carried on.

After lunch again the preceding started. One bhajan of Ganesha both Nrusimha and Gaurav sang together. Other volunteers like Rohit, Rahul, Sakshi and Shikha danced on various film songs which everybody enjoyed thoroughly. Then Gaurav presented the poem based on Mahabharata about Shri Krishna and a Haryanvi Madam answered it through her witty poem based on Ramayana. The same Madam also sang one Haryanvi folk song which was a comic ride for the volunteers.

So most of the programme went like Satsang-cum-Mushayara, but nothing divine was happening till an old man came out of his room very late in the afternoon. Just by watching him it was clear he had crossed 90s years ago. He showed his interest in holding the mike which by now every other elder was avoiding. And then a miracle happened.

He recited some rhymed lines in his age-bound thick and fumbling voice. And soon everyone figure out that he was not an ordinary man but a fantastic poet who presented his sarcastic poem on the society based on his true life experiences. And everyone heard that poem in deep silence feeling every bit of the old man pain. So apart from all the masti and fun, at that point of time the breaking relationship of the society and carelessness on the part of younger generation towards the senior citizens came in front of everyone eyes. We hope this visit might have been an ointment for their deep wounds.

-By Gaurav Tyagi(Rhyme)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Ultimate Truth.....Connect the wires !!

We all know about the Ramayana epic where Rama killed Ravana and won Lanka & Sita back. But why did Ravana lost? Truly speaking he was the biggest scientist in the world that time. As it was quite visible from his various inventions and discoveries like Puspak Vimana & other deadly weapons. There were many reasons for his defeat.

Some can say unluckily he was at the side of Adharma, but that would not be logical answer. One of the main reason for his astounding defeat was betrayal of his brother Vibhishana. There is a popular term we use nowadays in Hindi " Ghar ka Bhedi Lanka Dhayein"
The Learning from this incident of Vibhishana disloyalty to Ravana has great meaning in itself. Vibhishana was a bhakt of Rama, completely loyal to him.

Now lets personify the same situation, our soul is also loyal to some unknown Master, you can call him GOD or DEVIL, ALMIGHTY or ILLUSIONIST, CREATOR or DESTROYER.

But I believe him to be the param bhrama or Almighty. You might be thinking if it's so then why some people are so ruthlessly opposed to god if their soul are loyal to his highness. The answer is our Physical self or body is unaware of this attachment of our soul to God. They dont know anything about this super link apafrt from reading few religious texts or listening to some old preists. But the link is there just like Ravana was previously unaware of Vibhishana feelings or loyalty about Rama. And when he did find the link it was already too late, he trtied to destroy the link which means destroying himself. HOW? you'll get to know that below down.

Sometimes we wonder how even surrounded by walls & ceiling, hidden away from everyone, if we do commit a sin or crime, how the hell God will get to know about that as they say.

This is because God is not in the sky that he'll not see you under any establishment or roof. God is inside you in the form of your soul or call it intruder of God who is loyal to just God. Ever wondered why you heard some low voices warning you against doing some unethical things which you call zameer. From where these voices or warnings are coming though we unheard them many times.

And do we all know about souls. We laugh over this issue, some calling it fiction or imagination of scared religious god-fearing people. Some also call it superstition. But there are souls who also do change their bodies time to time. And that's why you can say they are not as loyal to the body as they're to God. They just left the body when the clock ticks away.

Now if you even got 20% of what mentioned above, then read further. You all are now curiously thinking whats the solution to made this soul loyal to our bodies also in order to become chiranjeevi or Immortal. How to control this disloyal intruder from God?

You can yourself discover the intruder underneath your body. Not inside physically into blood,meat or skin but, to realise the unpresent light inside you. Well to make you understand its functions, we can call it secret spy-cam of God. A spy-cam through which he investigate or keep an eye on his creations.

We can either destroy this spy-cam by finding it inside us. Or we can connect our wires with the spy-cam to do the reverse. To investigate God!! to know about him, his acts, his deeds, his creations, his processes, his real figures, TO SEE OUR CREATOR!! THE ALMIGHTY....

And trust me better way is to connect the wires to that inner intruder cam i.e soul. We should connect the wire to find the God which we often search in mountains, caves, temples, mosques & churches but not within us. When there is an equipment placed directly in us, we should rather see god through that same invisible equipment.

Now some of you atheist will be red hot in anger. Why should we be loyal to God? and why can't we destroy his spy-cam altogether so that he cannot see our misdoings. But you cannot physically find that spy-cam anyway. Then would you be destroying your body to terminate the cam. Yeah! it will be terminated for a while till the spy-cam is placed in some other new born body, it will continue. You will find only blood, bones and meat inside you physically every part working like a machine just by the power of the equipment which has a timeline of battery. So why killing yourself to destroy the cam.